Nouveaux tests et comparatifs du Sony NEX-5

Encore des tests du boîtier hybride de Sony au programme aujourd’hui ! :-)

Ou plus précisément 1 test et 2 comparatifs.

On commence donc par le test du NEX-5 réalisé par :

« The NEX-5 is a quality compact camera with the most important feature sticking out the front. Compared to a DSLR, Sony has given us the bare bones out the back and a good, but currently narrow choice of three lenses. Admittedly, this isn’t a very big range but that will surely change and there are adapter options too.

Among camera enthusiasts, the NEX-5 is a real talking point as it shines by being so different, and well put together. Indeed, Sony has taken the compact somewhere else, and with the NEX-VG10 camcorder due in a matter of weeks, the company has finally launched a range that changes everything. About time, I say. ® »

Le test complet est à retrouver par ici.

On continue donc avec deux comparatifs :

  • Chez Cameralabs, on compare le bruit à hauts ISO du Sony NEX-5, de l’Olympus E-P2 et du Nikon D90.

« In short, a triumph for the Sony Alpha NEX-5 here, along with its cheaper sibling, the NEX-3 which again shares the same sensor. Sony’s managed to deliver top-class DSLR performance at high sensitivities in a very compact body, and has laid down the gauntlet for rivals. It’s a great result for the NEX system and also bodes well for the Alpha A33 which we believe shares the same sensor.

But that’s not the end of the story. The NEX cameras additionally inherit a couple of neat tricks from the Cyber-shot range which promise to further increase low light performance. Check out our Handheld Twilight and Anti Motion Blur results in our upcoming review! »

Le comparatif complet, c’est par ici.

  • Sur son blog, Steve Huff dans sa série Crazy comparisons, fait s’affronter le Sony NEX-5 et le Leica M9 !

« Alos, this is just for fun and in o way is meant to say one camera is better than the other. The Leica M9 as many of you know is a totally different style of camera than the NEX and can offer incredible quality with the right lenses. I just wanted to see how the M9 with an old cheap lens stood up to the NEX-5 with its kit zoom at f/5.6, where most lenses do great »

Et ça se passe en images par ici !