La revue de tests hybride : Panasonic GH2, Panasonic GF1, Sony NEX-5,Samsung NX100, Panasonic 8mm fisheye

Au programme de la revue de tests hybride : le Panasonic GH2, le GF1, le Samsung NX100 et au niveau des objectifs, le 8mm fisheye de Panasonic.

Panasonic GH2

Les numériques ont testé le Panasonic GH2 :

« Le GH2 remplit bien son contrat, mais trébuche au pied du podium pour une autonomie un peu juste. Doué en photo et en vidéo, le boîtier se montre agréablement performant et polyvalent tout en restant léger et maniable. »

De nombreux retours utilisateurs sont également publiés sur le web (via 43rumors) :

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  • Avis d’utilisateur assez long sur Amazon

Panasonic GF1

C’est sur le blog de Steve Huff que l’on trouve un test du Panasonic GF1 :

« I’ve, at last, found a generally ‘easy-to-use’ small, compact “all-rounder” to almost match the big, heavy Leica M9. Leica’s chairman Alfred Schopf should encourage a deal with Panasonic *right now!* to offer the GF1 as a mini ‘Leica M9.5′ because it takes Leica lenses – think how much more glass they’d sell! – it gives great results, they already rebrand Pannys as Leicas, and (some of) the world wants a pocketable Leica which takes interchangeable lenses – unlike the silly fixed-lens X1. (Or else put a Leica-M bayonet on the X1 ..though that leads us into the land of “one-and-a-half-times” focal lengths, with a 50mm becoming a 75mm instead of 100mm, and the X1′s focusing just isn’t as fast as the ‘M9.5′.) The Leica ‘M9.5′ would be a compact Leica “for the rest of us” « 

Sony NEX-5

Un comparatif en photos NEX-5 vs Leica M8 vs Canon 5d Mark II est publié sur

Samsung NX100

L’hybride de Samsung est testé sur digitalcamerainfo :

« We found ourselves saying “does not” a lot while writing this review. The NX100 does not include a flash, the NX100 does not include a viewfinder to bolster the weak daylight performance of the AMOLED screen. The NX100 does not have a grip, so you never feel like you have a firm hold on it. In the end, these missing things mean that the NX100 isn’t a great camera: merely a good one. It represents good value at $599, but most users would be better off spending more to get a more fully featured camera that handles better and which includes the features that the NX100 is missing. »

Panasonic LUMIX G FISHEYE 8mm F3.5

Il est testé en détail sur photographyblog :

« The LUMIX G FISHEYE 8mm F3.5 is a very specialist lens that provides a unique view on the world. It delivers great image quality in a tiny package, but at £729 / $799.99 you’ve got to really love the fisheye effect. »