La revue de test du jour : Sony A33/A55, Olympus PEN E-P2, Panasonic G2

Au programme de la revue de tests aujourd’hui : un test du sony A33 et un du A55, une prise en main sur le terrain de l’Olympus PEN E-P2 et quatre tests du Panasonic G2 !

Sony A33/A55

On commence par le petit frère de la famille le A33 pris en mains chez, avec en prime un comparatif ISO.

« Last week I played with my friend’s new Sony A33 when he purchased it. (I recommended the camera to him as he is a novice and I do believe that the A33 is the DSLR that has the best price-to-performance+features ratio currently in the market!) Below are some of my initial observations and impressions for my brief hands-on »

Pour le A55 ça se passe du côté de Photocomment.

« What is the verdict? This is a tough one. As a fist time camera well worth consideration. As a second body to shoot video, also spare it a thought. All in all it was a great camera to travel with and I enjoyed the ability to shoot simple, easy to use videos as well as stills. It wont replace my Alpha A850 by any means though.

This is an exciting time in the history of the DSLR, the Translucent Mirror is a great step forward and will more than likely go down in history as a pinnacle point in camera design »

Olympus PEN E-P2

C’est ThePhoBlographer qui réalise comme à son habitude une prise en mains terrain de plusieurs jours avec l’Olympus PEN E-P2.

Panasonic G2

Pour l’hybride de Panasonic c’est Steve Huff sur son blog qui nous propose un test, agrémenté de nombreux exemples.

« Panasonic has won me over with their G2. The camera is nice to hold, nice  to shoot and looks much nicer in person than it does in the photos online. It’s got a great build and the AF is speedy, the HD video is great (but not the best) and when the Panasonic 20 1.7 lens is attached it does a great job in all kinds of light. »

Trois autres tests sont disponibles pour le Panasonic G2 sur ClubsnapAsahicamera et (faites fonctionner Google trad ;-) )

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